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Driving Course Structure & Documentation

Learning to be a good driver

Good driving isn't just about learning the rules of the road: your skill and your attitude as a driver are vital too, and you'll keep learning and developing these over the years.

A good driver:

  • is responsible for what they do while driving
  • concentrates on what they're doing
  • anticipates what could happen around them
  • is patient with other road users
  • is confident about how to drive safely.

Our driving courses are aimed at making sure that you learn and develop all the essential skills for becoming a good and safe driver, - as well as passing your theory and practical driving tests. Each course is tailored to your level of driving experience.

The following course structure is geared to those pupils learning to drive for the first time, - in accordance with all DVSA requirements.

Summary of Driving Course & Lessons

  Beginner / Controls
1 Cockpit Drill / Checks – DSSSM
2 Foot Controls – ABC - Eyes / Hands / Feet
3 Hand Controls  - Eyes / Hands / Feet
4 Auxiliary Controls - Eyes / Hands / Feet
5 Mirrors  - Eyes / Hands / Feet
6 Blind spots
  Moving Off / Stopping
1 Moving Off – POM - Prepare, Observe & Move
2 Stopping – MSPSL 
  Emergency Stop / Mirrors
1 Emergency Stop
2 Skidding 
3 Mirrors  - Eyes / Hands / Feet
4 Blind spots
  Turning Left & Right
1 Left Junction - (MSPSL) 
2 Right Junction - (MSPSL)
  T Junctions
1 Left Emerge - (MSPSL & LADA)
2 Right Emerge - (MSPSL & LADA)
3 Concealed Emerge - (Peep & Creep Routine)
1 Crossroads – MSPSL
2 Roundabouts 
3 Planning & Anticipation
  Meet / Cross / Overtake
1 Meeting – MSPSL
2 Crossing Traffic (MSPSL)
3 Overtaking – MSPSL
  Pedestrian Crossings / Signals
1 Pedestrian Crossings – MSPSL
2 Traffic Lights
3 Signals
1 Turn In The Road  - Clutch Control
2 Left Reverse
3 Parallel Park
4 Stopping Distances

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All pupils learning to drive need to feel confident that their driving course is covering all the key skills required for becoming a safe driver and are throuoghly prepared for taking their practical driving test.

All new pupils are provided with a comprehenisive set of documentation, which includes a checklist on their progress throughout their course. The instructor also maintains a careful record on lessons covered and each pupil's progress throughout the course.

The Driving Standards Agency has also developed a Driver's Record to help you keep track of your progress and encourage you to become skilled in all the key areas of driving.

PDF Download Drivers Record (PDF Download)